About the Negin Pistachio

Tejarat Gostaran Nik Pendar Co., Ltd with the brand of Negin Pistachio is one of leading and fastest growing international Pistachio manufacturer and exporter in Iran, who supply you with the best quality of Iranian Pistachio with the most competitive prices. 
Our company has registered in 2012 and is a good reference and trusted source for Pistachio wholesalers & Pistachio exporters of all kinds of Iranian highest quality Pistachios. We have exported our products (all kinds of Pistachio) to different countries such as United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, India, China, Hong Kong and Egypt and we would like to expand our market to other countries and areas as well. 
Our products are in match with world-class standards regarding quality and health. We invite companies active in this field to visit us as a supplier and exporter of Pistachio as bellow list: 

  1. Long Pistachios
    • Akbari
    • Ahmad Aghaei
    • Badami
  2. Jumbo Pistachio
    • Kalleh Ghuchi
  3. Round Pistachio
    • Fandoghi
  4. Pistachio Kernels   

We can supply the goods based on standard quality and safety and provide required standard certificates issued by “Ministry of Health” and inspection companies by customers order. 

Who we are:

TGNP Co. (with the brand of Negin Pistachio) is an owned private company encompassed with good experiences in International Business working as a manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Iranian Pistachio in all varieties of Pistachios in all kinds of packaging.
We’re proud to have received prestigious awards by “Ministry of Commerce” and “Iran Chamber of Commerce” for one of the Best Iranian Pistachio Exporters.

What we do:

We have fully automated plants and factories with proper quality control systems, taking every precaution that the quality of our goods is FIRST CLASS.
Our goods are harvested at the appropriate state of maturity, cleaned, sorted, packed, vacuum fumigated, inspected and loaded in containers at our factories.
Through our own sales team, you will be supplied with the products in direct route from growers to your warehouse under international quality control organizations with the most convenient prices and we take pride in having the most satisfied and loyal customers.

Where we do business:

All over the world to those looking for the best quality of Iranian Pistachios at the most favorable prices, we ship full container loads directly from origin to the clients of any countries and continents.

What you can expect from us:

You can trust us to carry out our job competently, professionally, diligently and with highest integrity.

What are our main products?

All kinds of Pistachios & Pistachio Kernels

Where to find us:

For all inquiries, comments and queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via any of the following methods:

Unit 705, 7th Floor, Pirooz Tower, Above Mirdamad Blvd, Valiasr St, Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 1968833195

Tel: +98-21-22257944



Fax: +98-21-22224809

for more information about Negin Pistachio please see the contact page!