Pistachio Kernel:

Natural Pistachio Kernel (Red and Cream Color): This kind is prepared and shelled from closed pistachios. The available types of Pistachio Kernels are:

Round Pistachio Kernel: This kind has the lowest amount of Aflatoxin and is very delicious.
Jumbo Pistachio Kernel: The size of this kernel is very big and the taste is very unique.
Long (Akbari) Pistachio Kernel: This kind is the longest kernel and big in size with a very special taste.
Momtaz Pistachio Kernel: It is the most delicious and the most expensive type of kernels.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel: This kind is produced from unripe pistachios and used in confectionary and chocolate industry due to its special flavor. This is used to add as a spice or flavor and/or green coloring to ice cream, cookies and other cuisines.

Cracked Pistachio Kernel: It is made of the whole natural kernel and the size can be prepared according to the customer order

Packing: Normal packing jute bag, other packing such as carton, cellophane, 10-12.5 kg vacuum PP bags in carton, or etc. by order is available

pistachio kernel images