Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei)

This shape of pistachio is called as Ahmad Aghaei, which is one of the Long types. The most common character to identify this type is that the shape is long but the sizes of length are different. This type is long pistachio with a very white and thin skin and it is a favorite amongst people in Eastern Asia

Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei): This kind is a favorite for Eastern Asia people.
Available in sizes 20-22, 22-24, 24-26, 26-28, 28-30, 30-32, 32-34    

SpecificationsThe normal sorted Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, grade 24-26 pcs/oz has Max 5% moisture, Max 3% C/M, Max 2.5% semi-open
PackingThe regular packing is 50 kg gunnies or jute bags, and particular packing is 25 kg gunnies. 10 and 12 kg cartons are also available based on the customer order.
Type Available: Natural Pistachio/Closed Pistachio/Mechanically Opened Pistachio/Roasted and Salted Pistachio/Roasted Pistachio/Roasted and Salted Pistachio with added lime and spices

Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei) images